Is it worth it to buy a kindle ereader? ?

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  • I personally prefer using my android tablet but I prefer the audio books and ecomic books to text only kindle books. I didn’t use the Kindle (kindle 3) I bought much.

    Many people do prefer the read only ebook reader to avoid distractions when reading like email, facebook, twitter, and so on.

  • Day after Thanksgiving and Christmas prices can make one more affordable and desirable. 

  • This website may help you

  • hell yea it is i want too it is way better than going to the library

  • Depends on how much reading you do.  The e-ink is a lot nicer to read on longer than a tablet screen, battery life tends to be insanely long.

  • I would say: that depends on how many books you buy each year.

    It certainly reduces the cost of purchasing books to read.

    Also: consider how you plan to use it.

    For example: I would like to purchase the Anchor-Yale Bible Dictionary

    which is about $600 in print

    but only $300 in electronic form


    not available on Kindle e-readers in electronic form.

    So for me, Kindle e-readers are out

    and I have to choose among generic Android e-readers

    (which the Kindles are not).

  • Depends on how much ebook reading you do.  There are dozens of Droid and iPhone apps that let you read books on your phone or tablet.  If you already have a device that can read ebooks, I see no reason to spend money on a kindle.  

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