is KCl polar or nonpolar?

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  • Chlroine has a much higher electronegativity than potassium. This compound is polar.

  • Is Kcl Polar

  • KCl is not a molelcule, so it really can’t be either. It is an ionic compound.

    Since there is a big difference in the electronegativity of K and Cl, I guess if you had to, you could call it polar.

  • Well, it’s simple if you use the definition of the three: Nonpolar Covalent Bond-bond in which the electrons are shared equally between two atoms (Cl2, N2, etc) Polar Covalent Bond-one of the atoms exerts a greater attraction for the bonding electrons than the other. Ionic Bond-when two ions form a compound NaF-Ionic since (Na+) + (F-) =NaF I2-Nonpolar Covalent bond (Electrons are shared equally) KCL-Ionic (K+)+(Cl-) CO-Polar Covalent Bond NO-Polar Covalent Bond CuO-Ionic CN-Polar Covalent ICl-Ionic Ionic bonds are usually metal with a gas, polar covalent bonds are usually with two gases, and nonpolar bonds are usually with the same element. Hope this helped πŸ™‚

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    NaF – ionic I2 – non-polar covalent KCl – ionic CO – polar covalent NO – polar covalent CuO – ionic CN- – a polar ion. ICl – polar covalent

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