Is king yema from dragonballz also in yu yu hakusho?

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IN yu yu hakusho they have a character named koenma whose father is a giant guy named king Yema who is ruler of the spirit world, I just wanna know if its the same character from Dragonball Z?

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  • I’ve also seen this and wondered this myself but I think they’re different characters but are both based on the hindu deity yama.

  • King Yama Yu Yu Hakusho

  • Well its not exactly the SAME character

    but King Genma is kind of the guardian and judge for the world after death

    Its like Saint Peter, the guardian of Hevens Gates.

    If the story differs he is going to be the same person,

    but not BE the exact same character

  • Well, they both portray a figure in Eastern Mythology, so yea, it is kinda the same character in a way.

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