Is lake tahoe west of LA?

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  • No. LA is on the west coast. Go west from there and you’ll get your feet wet! 8^) Lake Tahoe is on the eastern edge of California, on its border with Nevada. Somewhat north of LA.

  • Is Tahoe West Of La

  • First off all the answers given are completely wrong. Is tahoe west of LA (Meaning Los Angesles not Louisianna re-nob). But anyway YES Tahoe is west of LA. Yeah its north but thats not the question. The reason why its tricky is because tahoe is in NV and you wouldnt think its further west than LA which is furthest west in Socal. But as you can see CA is shaped in a curviture that can OBVIOUSLY make that possible. Take another look at your map. Tahoes in Norcal/Nevada. It really looks like half these answers didnt read the question. Honestly….I’m not even smart and no matter what you try to do to prove me wrong…IM RIGHT. Its simple. At least your answers are old so hopefully youve figured it out since then. Good day and durp da dupr

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    Is lake tahoe west of LA?

  • Lake Tahoe is west of Los Angeles. The GPS coordinates for Lake Tahoe are 39° 5′ 30″ N, 120° 2′ 30″ W . The GPS coordinate for Los Angeles are 34° 3′ 0″ N, 118° 15′ 0″ W

    I have included a link to a map of California as you can see the state tapers off to the east the further south you go.… . If you meant Louisiana since LA is the official abbreviation for Louisiana used by the United States Postal Service. Lake Tahoe is west of Louisiana also.

  • No–the Pacific Ocean is west of LA. Lake Tahoe is north of LA (If you mean Los Angeles)

  • Yes, Lake Tahoe IS west of LA (Louisiana). It’s east of L.A., CA. Those periods ARE IMPORTANT.

    Source(s): New Orleans. Louisiana south shore native

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