Is Las Vegas (Nevada) a great place to have a holiday if you don’t gamble?

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  • We don’t gamble much (sometimes not at all) and we enjoy Vegas.  There are great shows, some fun sites and attractions, good people watching, lots of good restaurant choices, good shopping, and some of the resorts have really nice pool areas.  All of this is limited right now due to COVID though. 


  • Yes, it is.  .

  • It can be. There are non gambling attractions and Red Rock Canyon and The Valley of Fire are well worth visiting. When the shows are open, there are some great ones to see some of which are open in April.

  • It is.  We have been there three times and gambled one dollar.  You can book day trips to several interesting places (Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon, etc.)   There are shows and museums and weirdos to see.  It’s not boring. 

  • depends on what you want to do: there are desert pink jeep tours and the grand canyon. There are world class restaurants there, shopping and shows.  People watching is unparalleled.

  • It might be ok to see a few shows but apart from that it’s just a plastic phoney place that looks better at night than it does during the day.

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