Is Micheal Smith of “The Present” from Truth Contest a Real Prophet in our Time?

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He described the ultimate truth about life in just 3 pages in the simplest way possible. He requires that we check out for ourselves if it’s true. Not to blindly believe him.

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The truth: You now know “the truth” part of the truth and life. There are only five fundamental things you need to know, and they are the following:

  1. Our true history.

We evolved as life evolved and are ready as a species to take the final step.

  1. You are immortal.

We have been here since the dawn and will continue in the animal realm that we’re in, or “escape” to a heaven in our next life.

  1. Everything will balance.

Money, looks, talents, personalities, etc are tossed around from lifespan to lifespan, so no one person has a better life than anyone else in the long run.

  1. You are a spiritual being.

You are Not your mind. What is it that hears your thoughts? The witness to your thoughts? That’s the real You.

  1. The present is everything.

You need to overcome your mind to live in the present. Which means no worrying about the past or future.

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  • Concepts attached to words tend to deviate from their original and simple meaning.

    A prophet, for me, is someone who speaks or write truths that come through inspiration.

    Inspiration (as many artists or writers know) is not the same as “speculation”.

    In the case of writing, the spark can be given through real inspiration (as a “connection” to the collective unconscious) but then the writer usually builds upon through means of speculation and research to round up the idea.

    A true prophet gets the whole thing already rounded up, as it is in this case.

    So we have 1) true inspiration 2) words of truth 3) truth that can be checked ===> indeed Michael Smith is a prophet, according to the definition above.

    To Pure Atheist: have you read the whole book? duality is all over mentioned and explained, through the balance, and the mind vs.consciousness (or animal mind / real mind), etc. Thing is, consciousness and awareness of life in the present should bring us above that duality, which doesn’t “magically disappear”, but is brought together as a whole as LIFE itself thus the apparent struggle between both poles disappears and brings about total awareness in the present moment, and total fulfillment whichever apparent “pole” we might be living as to the physical realm. It’s just clearing the mind of anything that is useless and not real, to perceive life just as it is, in full, and filtering whatever things of it that might be negative. This doesn’t mean they cease to “exist”, but it shows how we can decide how to react to them.

    Source(s): My own experience as a writer, and The Present book.
  • Truth Contest The Present

  • I find it amusing that all of the Truth Contest rewiews for “The Present” and “The Present (with religion)” sound alike. They all essentially say the same thing: “WOW! He is so right! [notice the caps and the exclamations] That book, the Present is amazing!” I find it amusing that they must have sneaked a couple of those onto this site too, It is very likely that all the negative reviews of the text were taken out so that anyone who read it would only see the positive ones (bandwagon at its finest). This guy Michael Smith (why are the false prophets Smiths?) must have been desperate for some money, at least it is good to see that there are still some logical people with enough common sense to see a tale of complete bull when they see it.

  • Truth is simply another word for the absolute, enlightenment, nirvana , god , Tao. The ancients have made it clear that of this nothing can be said. My feeling is that Truth can only be known in the heart of an awakened being, not in words, claimed by any man as authoritative. If you seek words that point to the truth, which is all they can do at best, you might start with the Tao Te Ching

  • No, he’s not a prophet but what he says is worth reading and considering intelligently, and perhaps, not necessarily throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Take what’s of value to you and discard the rest.

  • Their has not been a true Prophet for over 400 years for their has been no need for one. The only person the Holy Family has been using the last 20 years to double as one when needed is the Apostle James the Greater and all of his clients know him. Any other Prophet is just another fake.-Jesus Christ

    Source(s): Apostle James the Greater
  • Prophet: a person who speaks for god or a deity, or by divine inspiration

    Any person who claims to be a prophet is delusional and should seek professional help.

  • Actually, he is.

    It’s not that he just says it’s true that you know it’s true.

    You have to check these things out for yourself. Reason them out. Research and put the pieces together. Do an honest assessment of yourself.

    This book is NOT sugar coated. There are many Raw truths that are NOT what people want to hear. The truth is usually what people DON’T want to hear.

    Such as we have NO control over our lives. That doesn’t resonate well with people, but the evidence is showing otherwise.

  • If all he has done is to make you seek the truth for yourself, that is a good thing.

    “Seek and you will find” is what Jesus said to do, and most people will do if they put their cell phone down long enough to see a sunset or two, and think about it.

    I enjoyed reading the book and found it thought provoking.

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