Is movie tube a safe app?

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My friend has this app. It looks great you watch movies for free. She has had it for over a month and no virus. Although I am still worried there could be a virus. She has experienced no problems after downloading the app for example the screen hasn’t frozen or anything. Has anyone gotten a virus from the app? Or are sure it’s safe? Help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi, I’ve had this app for 6 months now and have had no issues or viruses, its a great up with all the latest movies. But before installing be careful to what you are agreeing to for the app to have permissions on your device. Anyways I haven’t had any issues or viruses.

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  • USE MovieTube with EXTREME CAUTION. NO! It is NOT Safe. Do NOT Install ANYTHING connected with this band of Pirates. I downloaded the PC application and it IMMEDIATELY COMMANDEERED (in about 2 seconds!!) and took over my PC with the loudest Beeping on my PC saying that I have a virus and to click on a Button to ‘save myself’ … essentially with some crazy pop-up messages of download am being violated threat !!!!!!!!!!!!! IF – I clicked that button you are giving them permission to install a DEADLY PC Virus that will WIPE YOU OUT. It has an ID Theft program. DO NOT !!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!! Having said all that – I do use the website as it was designed – with CAUTION !!!!!!!!!!

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  • Is Movietube Free

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