Is One Source Talent a scam ?

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or this

here is the address the person emailed me

8383 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 220

Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Lisa Winters

One Source Talent

Talent Coordinator

8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 220

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

[email protected] /

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  • ONE SOURCE TALENT is real, they are not a scam. I am a model with them. They got me in a bunch of fashion shows and got me signed to CLICK Models in New York. I would highly recommend them.

  • One Source Talent Legit

  • My sister is with One Source Talent. She gets calls for jobs from them. The thing with One Source Talent is they try to get you all kinds of jobs, some are paid and some are not, but i guess you have to start somewhere right?

    So to answer your questions, NO One Source Talent is NOT a SCAM, they are real.

    Source(s): my sister 😉
  • One Source is not an agent. They are not a scam either. Simply put you go through interviews and if you are selected please know that you sign contracts and will have to have a money deposit, 39.95 per month, 895.00 for a photoshoot. Now, once they have your money, you contact the photographer make a Compcard and have an online account where agents can find you or you find them. All they do is give you resources for auditions/casting, have their photographer take photos, have bragging rights over you, and make you pay Mullllaa. Like I said not a scam BUT do know what you are getting yourself into and it is mainly a self motivated program. It is best for people who REALLY have TALENT, singing, acting, modeling, ect. But you must be good at it to be found.

  • One Source Talent is NOT a scam. Im with them for 3 months. They have got me auditions. I was really bad the first few auditions I was unprepared. But my mom says thats what is all about getting experience. She was a model for like 10 years. She told me she did the same thing on her first few auditions, she is the one that talked me into joining One Source Talent ;o).

    Source(s): Me
  • I know they are scam they tell everybody the same thing and you don’t see no pictures who got a job through them. and the little Spencer running around there is a mess .they want to push you around how they want like I told him I got my own headshots who do that kind of job they said know, they just want your money I pay one hundred and fifty dollars and the next day they were going to get the rest I cancel my credit card. People be smart watch them that is the one in L.A. I PUT IN FOR MY REFUND AND STILL WAITING AND CAN’T TALK TO NO ONE.

  • The pictures that they made on my 2nd appointment is TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL and look horrible!!This company is TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL and I would better say they full scam!!! And they charged money for nothing and never give them back!!

  • Someone tell me. They just called me. Scam or not?

  • YES

    my siblings tried this, and we talked to friends who have daughters in the acting business and they said for sure that One Source Talent is a scam.

  • Technically no. It just depends on if you’re good and if you book the roles they get for you..

    It’s like $395 to get a page on their website, and then it’s $30 a month. If you live in California, there’s lots of casting calls on there though.

    I just looked and there are 245 casting calls JUST for acting. There’s some for dancing and modeling too. The acting casting calls are mostly theater, independent films, and non-union work, but some DO pay. It’s good experience if you can audition & book roles for all that stuff.

    It just depends on if you have the money to spend on that, or if you’d just do acting classes too.

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