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Just wondering if its safe to purchase items from the site. Also, it says that it doesnt charge tax to anywhere other than Nevada. But if the state I live in (California) demands the company to pay use tax, will Outletpc charge the customer use tax that the state demands?

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  • They won’t charge the tax since the goods are being delivered in a state where they have no nexus. The buyer is responsible for paying the CA Use Tax directly to the state.

  • If they do not collect the Ca sales and use then you are supposed to take care of it your self with your local sales and use tax department in your state and usually they do have a line on your state income tax return for that purpose during the tax filing season for that tax year.

    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 10/17/2013

  • sounds like the company is based in Calif and yes they would be r’qrd to collect sales tax

    and no, I am not familiar with that company

  • Sure, why not.

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