Is Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy atheist?

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  • A long time ago Pete answered a question about which of the members believed in God. (This was pre-IOH. It was when FUCT had just come out, I think.) Anyway, Pete said that he did believe in God, Joe probably did (he is Jewish) and Andy and Patrick didn’t. However, that was two years ago. In that time, Pete has become confused about what he believes in, and who knows what the others think. At the time, Patrick was really young (20 or 21 I think) and people change their ideas as they get older. So to answer your question, he used to not believe in God, but the issue has not been addressed recently, and he’s probably changed a lot in that time.

    But it really shouldn’t matter. They still make great music. But since you are “pentecostal” according to your name, please let me say this. I am a Christian and I do believe in God, but I believe that all good people go to heaven regardless of what their religion is. If they have a true heart, and are genuinely kind why should they be punished? Frankly there are more “religious” people who definitely don’t deserve to go to heaven just because they are “religious”. Please don’t think badly about Patrick if he doesn’t believe in God. He’s still a good guy, and while you may not agree with him (or me) that shouldn’t change your feelings about him.

    And I’m sorry if I sound like a preacher. It’s just when I found out he didn’t believe in God I felt horrible. Part of me wanted to “show him the way”. Then I realized he is his own person with his own opinions, and he is a compassionate, caring human being. But I am sorry for ranting so much. I just wanted to explain my thoughts, unnecessary as they are.

  • Is Patrick Stump A Christian

  • I completely might too! i admire Patrick. he’s so sensible, candy, humorous, and gifted. Pete is particularly lovable, yet Patrick completely wins along with his character. he’s have been given an excellent voice, he’s in a position to make the final track in the worldwide, and he can play guitar. Plus there is purely one thing approximately him it fairly is in order that appealing that i can not even somewhat describe it. i think of it fairly is his modesty. he’s the 1st one to declare that he’s no longer the final, smartest, or cutest guy, and that i think of that purely makes him warmer. Patrick is my well-liked member of FOB, and he’s dazzling no matter what anybody else says.

  • Not that I know of. I think that he believes in God but just isn’t a religious person. It he is I want to not think about and just keep listening to Fall Out Boy’s great songs.

  • Haven’t thought about it

  • I think it depends

  • no.he’s British

  • NO! haha

  • he is a christian

  • :O

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