Is pudding a solid or a liquid?

I’ve always wanted to know 🙂

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  • Pudding is a colloid. Its physical state will vary depending on temperature. When pudding is warm, it is more of a liquid, but when chilled it is more solid. In medical dietetics, it is a “full liquid”, but as for texture, it is a colloid– it is also considered a gel of a solid suspended or dissolved in a liquid, a gel of starch in water.

    Try this experiment and you’ll see what I mean. Take a couple of spoonfuls of corn starch and an equal amount of water, and mix them together. You should end up with a mix that feels sort of solid when you stir. Now, put some of that of that mix in your hand. It will feel sort of oozy, yet you can roll it into a ball. It seems solid, right? Now, stop rolling and let your ball sit in the palm of your hand. What happens? Is it solid, or is it liquid? Science– it’s fun stuff! 🙂

  • in dietetic terms its a full liquid, meaning you cannot see through it but is considered liquid since it has no chunks of anything in it.

    If a person was on a full liquid diet for some reason, they can eat pudding, icecream, cream of wheat, cream soups, etc.

    Concerning texture alone it is a solid since it does not run at room temperatures…(science class back in the cave days)

  • ok of route some human beings slept in chemistry classification. shall we run via the definitions for the three problem-loose stages of count number gas: undefined structure; undefined quantity liquid: undefined structure; defined quantity sturdy: defined structure; defined quantity at room (or perhaps slightly chilly) temperatures pudding will replace structure in case you position your spoon in it yet received’t enhance. also pudding might want to be poured and has no outline structure so pudding is a LIQUID at room temperature besides the undeniable fact that you’ll make it sturdy via freezing *pudding is a liquid it in simple terms has a severe viscosity (resistance to replacing structure *** all count number can grow to be any of the three stages lower than suitable situations i in basic words reported room temp

  • Jelly liquid

  • It’s a solid, solid objects don’t have to be hard objects..whereas liquid just flows.

  • It’s a colloid, classified as an emulsion.

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