Is ray AB and ray BA the same ray? sometimes,never or always?

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    Ray AB and Ray BA are NEVER the same ray.

    Remember that we start off by naming a ray by it’s endpoints. If we have ray AB and ray BA, the both have different endpoints.

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  • Sometimes….

    (1) A and B are the same point: in this case the magnitudes of AB and BA are the same. Although the direction of the rays are both undefined, when A and B are the same point, rays AB and BA are indistinguishable from one another.

    (2) A and B are different points: in this case the magnitudes are the same, but the directions are equal and opposite

  • that’s an extremely low-point evidence, so it’s going to remember on the best definition of AB. in case you define AB with the aid of fact the size of the line section between A and B, then that’s sufficient to be conscious that the line section between A and B is the line section between B and A.

  • no…ray ab and ray ba are not same since ray is unidirectional….so the direction of ray ab and ray ba wud be diffrnt….

  • Short and simple. No

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