is Rob Schneider in Happy Gilmore?

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if so what character is he? is tehre any movie with adam sandler that doesnt have rob hidden somehwere and vice versa?

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  • Ironically, he’s not listed in the movie credits. I also believed he was in all his movies. However, he doesn’t have Happy Gilmore listed in HIS credits on his page at the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB)


    The ones I found

    The Benchwarmers, 50 First Dates, Eight Crazy Nights (animated – did voice), Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky, Big Daddy, The Waterboy, and I believe they were both in The Hot Chick. So, I would guess you are right. Both had “uncredited” to each other’s movies (but couldn’t find him at all in Happy Gilmore)

    ** Edit: I stand corrected on Little Man. There is an obvious inclusion in many of the films they participate in.

  • Happy Gilmore Rob Schneider

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    is Rob Schneider in Happy Gilmore?

    if so what character is he? is tehre any movie with adam sandler that doesnt have rob hidden somehwere and vice versa?

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    You will not find him in punch drunk love, the wedding singer, coneheads, going overboard, bullet proof, mixed nuts, billy madison, airheads, spanglish, or happy gilmore. He is in the other ones because they are pictures put out by Happy Madison whis is a company backed by the members of SNL and for the production of SNL. Lorne Greene, Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler back that company along with Norm MacDonald, Kevin Neeland, Will Ferrell, and though she was not a member of SNL Anna Farris. most of Adam Sandler’s college buddies are in his films too.

  • no he hasnt been in happy gilmore [more films later–1996 0n after the waterboy–he was in that]

    i dont think rob was in punch drunk love , airheads , billy madisson , bulletproof , coneheads,mixed nuts ,the wedding e singer ,spanglish ,etc….. but honestly adam sandler shows up in robs films too ….like the hot chick ,duece bigalow european gigolo ,the animal ……….i think its cos of the fact both of them do films through

    happy madisson productions which is owned by sandler ……which has also helped produce films for dana carvey and david spade too [also ex snl like schnieder and sandler ]

    and one last point sandler also constantly casts allen covert,peter dante ,and jonathan loughran and steve busecemi … its not just schneider who keeps reappearing

    EDIT****the film little man was a wayans bros not a happy maddison production and only schneider was in it [not sandler] rob was the dinosaur who gets beaten up at the party by the kids

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