Is Schwinn Ditch 3.0 a good mountain bike?

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I don’t want biased bike store reviews, I just want to know if it is a good mountain bike. I know that it has dual suspension, disk brakes, and 24 speed, but is it good?

thanks for the answers, but I have already heard these slightly biased answers. I saw a schwinn 405 with exactly the same specs as the ditch 3.0 at performance bike shop, same price too (and duel suspension, but it wasn’t $900!) But the thing is, I’m a noob for mountain biking and I am going on a school trip. I bought the 3.0 and I’ve never mountain biked before, but it’s really comfortable and works for me. Plus, after the trip, if the ditch 3.0 is really horrible I can return it to Costco and buy a bike store bike. Are there any bike stores that would allow me to go on a trip with the new purchase and then return it afterwords if it really ꜱᴜcκs? Please reply, thanks!

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  • This is an answer to the same question some time ago and they gave me a Best Answer – and the Tyax is the other bike they asked about in relation to the 3.0.

    That Schwinn Ditch is better off left in the store where you found it! It IS NOT bike shop quality at all and you will get no service after the sale if you buy it! Now as for that Tyax, I sell this one at Performance bike and it IS a low end bike for the Mongoose line but it IS a bike shop quality bike and whoever you buy it from (a bicycle specific shop) will guarantee it 100% and you DO GET service after the sale with it and even if it were speced lower than that Schwinn Ditch you would still be better off buying it! It is NOT dept store quality- it is better than that. The Tyax would probably suit you best as the fork has a lock- out feature that is best for roads and the bike is a hardtail which is best for your on road use and you will have that flexibility of dual purpose use too. The Tyax IS an aluminum frame bike- no steel in the frame at all. Remember that any bike will last a long time if and only if you take care of it and learn how to properly do that otherwise Nothing will last for long. The Tyax will last you forever if you maintain it and for your short rides it will do you very well.

    The Schwinn Ditch is NOT a real full suspension bike and does not even look or ride like one!

    Edit: not going to find a shop that will let you purchase then ride and tear it up” and then return it for a full refund, thats a pipe dream. The 405 we sell at Performance is “junk” too! Remember that the stock wheels on any of these are not going to take much (if any) jumping of any kind for very long. They are stock and cheap- as cheap as they come and are not meant for anything other than staying in constant contact with the ground you are on. Even constant ridding over roots and rocks will knock them out of true. Buying a bike even from a place like Performance is better than buying from ANY dept store! Personally I would take the 405 over the Ditch 3.0 too!

    Source(s): PBS sales associate and we sell the Mongoose Tyax!
  • Where you buy the bike from will tell you the quality of the bike. You get junk from department stores. They are made to sell cheap and are made that way. A good full suspension bike will start out at $900 and go up from there.

  • To be honest any motorbike you may get at a branch save aka aim,Walmart,costco, ect. often isn’t a solid motorbike using reality it is assembled via idiots a million/2 the time and motorcycles which you come across in storesd like that are by no technique of intense high quality save your self the problem purchase from a bike save. I as quickly as offered a bike from wallyworld called a Mongoose Blackcomb finished suspension disk brakes each and every of the works sounds great yet i spent greater hours attempting to song it then using it. Even after having it tuned via 3 community motorbike shops nonetheless wouldnt shift properly. purchase from a genuine motorbike save and constantly try experience THE motorbike

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