Is SiO2 a non polar or polar covalent molecule?

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-it is bent shape and has an electronegativity of 0.3

-it is a non polar bond but is the molecule polar?

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  • Some folks might think that if you do the Lewis structure of SiO2 you get something like this: O=Si=O, which is linear and nonpolar, if you consider it to be the silicon analogue of carbon dioxide.

    BUT!!!! But, silicon dioxide does not form individual molecules, and there are no double bonds. Silicon dioxide forms a tetrahedral network of silicon atoms bonded to 4 oxygen atoms. This is what makes silicon dioxide have a very high melting point.

    Again. SiO2 is not molecular. It forms a covalent network.

    Take a look at this diagram:…

    ========= Follow up ============

    See, I told you some folks would miss this, as Mo has done.

  • It is a non-polar covalent molecule

    This is because Silicon has 4 electrons in its valence shell

    While Oxygen only has two

    When you put 2 oxygen together with one Silicon , all the electrons are then equally shared making it non-polar.

  • Sio2 Lewis

  • N2

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