Is “spanse” a real word? Have I been wrong all this time?

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According to the dictionary I have installed on my novel-writing software, and also Google’s dictionary (that is, the in-line squiggly line thing that pops up when you type something not part of the Google dictionary), the word “spanse” is not a word.

I though a spanse was a length of time or distance, e.g. Throughout the spanse of 10 minutes, I daydreamed.

Before you add it, no, I’m not confusing it with expanse or span.

4 Answers

  • If you’re a real writer you should be using a real dictionary — at least a Merriam Webster, or better yet, the Oxford English Dictionary (the whole one, not the “shorter” versions).

    Even the OED doesn’t have a listing for “spanse,” though, sorry. You apparently ARE confusing it with one of those other words.

  • Spanse is not a word in any English dictionary, not American and not British

    “Throughout the spanse of 10 minutes, I daydreamed.” — the correct word in this situation is “span” not spanse. “Throughout the span of 10 minutes, I daydreamed” is correct

    It’s a span of time, not spanse. Same with distance.

  • A spanse of a bridge, is the only sense I’ve ever seen used. A quick google search shows it is an italian word as well. Not seen it used as per your example.

  • It does not matter how many times you ask the question the answer is the same…

    No it is not a word. Yes you have been wrong if you thought it was.

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