Is SPX a good subwoofer brand?

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Hi, I was looking into buying a subwoofer for my car, and I was wondering if anyone knew if SPX is a good brand, thanks in advance

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  • Here is my list you need to read.

    Good brands, including but not limited to: Alpine, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, JL Audio, Soundstream, ARC Audio, Cadence, Diamond Audio, Focal, Dayton (subs), Precision Power, some MTX, RE audio, Fi car audio, Sundown Audio, Hertz, MB Quart, Zapco, Infinity, Incriminator Audio, Missing Link Audio, JBL, Mach5, Ascendent audio, and DC sound labs, Digital Designs, Pioneer Premier; old school brands: Lanzar, Hifonics, Orion, and Phoenix Gold.

    Mediocre brands (brands that are good for the money, but there is better): Quantum Audio, Sony ES line, Memphis (I have heard of lot’s of problems with their amps), Dual, Infinity (in my opinion), Pioneer, Kenwood (in my opinion).

    Junk brands, including, but not limited to: Pyramid, Boss, Profile, Lanzar (except old school Lanzars), HiFonics (again except old school, series VIII and earlier), Legacy, American Pro, Rampage, MA Audio, Alphasonik, Crunch, Lightning Audio, Visionik, Audiovox, Volfenhag, Rockwood, Jensen, American Legacy, Audiobahn, SPX, Sony Explod line, VR3, JVC, Pyle. Any thing at Wal-Mart, or an auto parts store.

  • Spx Audio

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    never heard of SPX go with name brand… sony alpine memphis audio, etc

  • no, you’d be better off getting JL or Rockford or Polk Audio or something.

  • no not at all go with sony or kenwood they pound like hell

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