Is a scam?

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I was on Steam and someone kept posting this link:

when i went there, it said i had to invite 15 people to get a steam gift.

I think this might be a scam, because why would they give away money for clicks?

Please explain thanks

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  • Yeah I’m pretty sure its a scam, Valve (Steam) wouldn’t do that and they sure don’t advertise it, plus it makes no sense… 15 invites for a “gift”?.

  • Yes, it’s a scam… they get you to first (spam) invites all your friends and then force surveys (in which they make money off) to get any so-called gift. The gift itself is a random generated key in most cases. That is by the way.

    As for, that too is actually warned against by the ‘Steam Rules’ of random stranger gifting and to be done at your own risk. The mods there are completely pricks who abuse their power. The win ratio of members is pretty lower than your giving rate so I assume that they also take quite a large cut for themselves. You can win a few, but expect it more of a trade (2:1 ratio). Of course the house always wins.

  • It’s absolutely legit. Best way to have free steam key approved by Steam.

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  • It is not a scam. I got a few keys of it.

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