Is SUN a living thing….??

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Everyday sun rises & sets at right time just like a living human being…..Do U believe tht sun is a living thing (star) or God who works according to his wish(***where as moon is a dead sub-planet)…..

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  • That’s actually a pretty good question.

    What is a living thing really?

    If you think about it every thing that we consider “living” on this planet are just atoms. Atoms that are arranged in the most complex and elegant of all known chemistry. A chemistry that seems to be elaborately arranged over millions of years to find itself optimal for it’s own species existence. A star is also something that i would also call a large number of atoms that are arranged in a complex and elegant way. The processes that go on within the sun seem to be optimized for the sun’s survival (although this statement could really be said of anything) just like the flora and fauna of this planet.

    On one hand, a star does not have a central nervous system, any solid internal structure, is over a million degrees fahrenheit, does not have a chemical metabolism, and it just doesn’t fall into the category of what we humans would call living.

    On the other hand, a star does have something that could be analogous to a metabolism, nuclear fusion. Like the metabolism in the smallest of microbes here on earth It keeps the star “alive” until the star runs out of “food”. These are a series of nuclear reactions instead of chemical ones. But the process is similarly complex and elegant. Almost like the universe was designed (pardon the term) that way. But logic will tell us that if it were any other way, we would not be here to observe it, so it should be no surprise that the things that we observe that have been existing and “evolving” since the beginning of the universe, seem to be well suited for their own survival.

    If you really wanted to get technical. Look in the dictionary for the definition of alive. See if the sun doesn’t fall into any of those definitions in your own opinion.

    As for the God based theories.

    See: Genesis

  • The sun does not ‘rise’ and ‘set’, it doesn’t move, the earth moves around it, so there is no way that the sun ‘rises’ and ‘sets’ depending on when we go to bed. The reason that human sleep cycles are in line with the sun is debatable. Some would probably say that it is God. Personally, i believe that humans in caveman times survived better if they slept at night because then they had time to hunt in the day so they evolved to be that way. As for the moon, i don’t know what a sub-planet is, but the moon is not a planet, it is a moon, meaning that it orbits earth. Most planets have moons. Jupiter, for example, has 4. The moon is dead in a way as it has no internal heat source but it’s highly unlikely that it was ever alive in the way humans are. The sun is made of lots of hot stuff (no-one really knows what exactly) but, like the moon, it is unlikely that it is, or ever was, alive in that humans are.

  • Sun is star. The sun neither rises nor sets. These rising and settings are caused by Earth movement around its axis. Secondly, rising and setting differ at places on the Earth. This rising and setting is not in any way like that of a living body. There is no basis for belief in living Sun or God or dead moon. These are worthless and baseless thoughts.

  • Well, if u consider life and life processes as mere chemical reactions( which they are), then sun is certainly a living thing. It has nuclear reactions going on in it’s core- hydrogen fusing to form helium and that is giving sun it’s energy in the form of heat and light like a fuel. In that context, the sun is living and will die down the way a reaction stops once its reactants are finished. But, the answer to your question is different. The explanation that you have given seems to be that of an ancient mythology’s or religion’s belief. The actual fact is that its the earth which is actually in motion. It’s the earth’s periodic motion on it’s axis that causes the sun to rise and set. It’s the same thing that makes it appear the trees move in the direction opposite to that of our motion when we move in a car or simply walk. The next time u r on a walk, or in a car, then observe this, you’ll get your answers around you and know what i mean.

  • The Sun doesn’t really rise or set. Rather, the Earth rotates in order to produce that impression for a human standing in one place on the Earth’s surface. It is an effect of our rotating reference frame.

    In any case, there is no good indication that the Sun or any other star is alive.

  • well the sun is n’t moving at all it is stationary at its position the earth is moving due to which the rising n setting of the sun occurs and there is no hand of god in rotating and revolving of the planet it is the gravity who is doing this n there is no god in this universe or other universe it is natural.

    and have u ever seen fire if yes then have u seen that or observed that it is a living thing. it might not similarly, sun is also a huge, huge ,huge fireball whose temperature is so high even outside the earth’s temperature that human body can’t tolerate at all.

  • No the sun isn’t a living thing.

    The sun is a massive ball of Hydrogen and it’s gravity is so strong the hydrogen is being fused into helium.

    The reason the sun so called rises and setting isn’t quite right, the sun stays in the same place in the solar system, and the earth orbits it, and the earth rotates from west to east, and as the earth rotates it looks like the sun comes up and goes down.

  • A living thing (as commonly agreed upon) is defined with two attributes

    1. It is self-sustaining (feeding on its environment)

    2. It morphologically replicates in its entirety (capable of reproduction).

    I think Sun fails in this second attribute & hence can’t be tagged as ‘living’.

    Also because Sun rises and sets, humans set their clock accordingly, not the other way round. In many cults Sun is the god.

  • The Sun is just a massive nuclear reaction. It is not alive in the sense that we as people are alive. As to rising and setting at the right time, what is the right time? Because it kind of changes slightly throughout the year.

  • Non living

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