Is the computer mouse called a mouse in other languages too?

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Do people in India call the computer mouse the word for mouse in their language, and similarly for people in Spain, Germay, or wherever. Or do they call it literally “MOUSE” (the English word), or do they give it a more utilitarian name in their own language.?.

Just curious.


12 Answers

  • In my two native languages the computer mouse is called mouse too:

    Swedish = mus

    Finnish = hiiri

    Greetings from one mouse to another!

  • In Russian, it’s called мышка – the diminutive form for “mouse”. While “подмышка” is “armpit”, literally – “under-mouse”. So, if your comp got virused you gotta make an injection under the mouse 🙂

  • In my language it is also called a mouse, but we use the danish word for mouse, which is mus

  • In italian we use the english word “mouse”

  • japanese

    we use english word ‘mouse’

  • in indonesia we translate it “tetikus” means “mouse-like”, but the word “mouse” is much more common to use.

  • In Portugal they say rato (rat) but here in Brazil we say mouse.

  • In French we call it a “souris”, which is mouse.

  • yess i think it is but they just say it in their language! but yeahh i think it is called a MOUSE!

  • in French it is souris (mouse)

    and Maus in German

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