Is the correct saying to stoke one’s ego or to stroke one’s ego?

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5 Answers

  • Stroke is used.

  • The phrase is “stroke one’s ego,” meaning to satisfy, pet, and calm it down (the ego). The expression means that the ego (either your own, or that of another) requires pacification.

    However, you could start a new expression with “stoke,” but usually, for that meaning, ‘feed one’s ego,’ is already commonly used.

    That said, “stroke” should be used when you intend to indicate that the subject’s ego takes an inordinate amount of attention to remain in check.

  • “Stoke” means to add fuel to, such as stoking a fire.

    “Stroke the ego” is the common phrase, along the lines of stroking a cat to make it purr.

  • It’s “stroke one’s ego” meaning you are flattering yourself.



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