Is the HP warranty check a scam?

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A message has just appeared on my laptop asking whether I allow product info to be sent to HP to check my warranty status.

Is this genuine and safe or is it a scam of sorts?

Thanks in advance.

I just declined the request. I don’t need to know my warranty status as it’s on the receipt anyway.

Thanks for the answers.

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  • Without actually seeing I wouldn’t be sure.

    However a friend of mine has got an HP PC and he has got an HP follow up on his.

    Bit like the Microsoft one where they ask basically the same thing.

    Suppose it’s something with improving their systems.

    Up to you whether you sign up for it or not

  • It can sometimes be a scam, and sometimes not. Look closely for any details that doesn’t look like the official HP. I can’t tell you what to look for because it has never happened to me. But just look closely.

  • Sounds like a scam to me. They would have information about your warranty in their records, not on your PC.

  • You did right. Always decline any requests that just “appear”. When I receive update notices I decline them and go to their actual website(be it Java, Adobe, AVG, whoever)and check for updates to download. Trust NO ONE! There’s a lot of scummy spammers out there.

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