Is the old saying “Move your meat lose you seat or move your feet lose your seat? please help settle this

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My boyfriend and I have been disputing this old saying for a few weeks now…he says meat I say feet please post your

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  • I’ve always heard it said meat. You can move your feet without getting up, so why would it be move your feet? Yeah, it makes sense that you move your feet to get up, but you don’t have to get up just because you moved your feet. And I always thought meat (in this case) referred to your вυŧŧ (fleshy, meaty body part).

    If your butt’s not in the chair, it ain’t yours!

  • Meat being equivalent to the body.

    Moving feet may only sometimes be re-crossing your leg/s and thus the feet, tapping your feet, tucking feet under seat and still be seated. If that was the case, the seat is not lost by moving the feet. Logic.

  • I have always heard ‘move your feet lose your seat’

  • Its feet of course. When you get up, unless you are a man, how do you move your meat???

  • It is feet. No doubt, since that is the only way I have said it (couldn’t come up with anything more original), and the way I have heard others say it, (just as boring as me).

  • I have always heard move your meat lose your seat.

  • I always said “Too slow, gotta go!”

    But it’s “feet” not “meat”

    And isn’t it funny, that you only say this within your family, and never to your friends. But EVERY family says it haha

  • Iv always been talk move your feet you lose your seat…the other way sounds kinda kinky

  • it move your feet lose your seat

  • feet

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