Is the salt NH4CH3COO Acidic, Basic or Neutral?

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And why

2 Answers

  • Neutral

    when you hydrolyze this salt, both nh4+ and ch3coo- will hydrolyzed

    ka value of ch3cooh is 1.8×10^-5

    kb values of nh4oh is 1.8×10^-5 too

    the basic principle is, for a salt that fully hydrolyzed, if the ka value of acid ion is larger than the kb value of basic ion, the salt is acidic, and vice versa

    but when the ka value and the kb value is equal, then the salt is neutral

    since the ka value of ch3coo- and the kb value of nh4+ is the same, this salt is neutral

    hope this helps..

  • It is Acidic 🙂

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