Is the saying (worth your while) or(worth your wild)?

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18 Answers

  • while

  • I like wild better because I get (wild while) waiting meaning you really go have to make it worth my while!!!😈😇

  • lol, it is worth your while, meaning worth some of your time. But I could be worth your wild!

  • That’s interesting

  • worth your while

  • worth your while

  • worth your while

  • worth your while

  • I know that “while” is correct, but one could make a case for “wile.” “Worth your wile” could mean that it is worth whatever ruse you can come up with, worth any devious action you must employ to reach it. I would love to know what the original intent was.

  • “worth your while” meaning it’s worth your time

  • Worth your while, (TIME).

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