Is the VisualBoy Advance emulator safe?

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I really want to play Four Swords, or at least be able to enter the Palace of the Four Sword on ALTTP

Just wondering before I download it. I don’t want any viruses on my Vista, I’m not THAT desperate.

And can it be easily deleted once I don’t want it anymore?

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  • I have and use visual boy advance. You should not get viruses from random sites, however its different than the games. The games are filled with viruses. The only site ive ever found that is legit and virus free is just open an account and click on Gameboy or Gameboy Advance on the side tabs. If you read the little write-up there is a download link at the bottom and a link to the list of top games or a search bar. There are no viruses or anything from this site. And dont worry about the daily download limit with GB games, you can download over 100 a day and be fine. And, with visual boy advance you can run zipped files of games so you dont need to unzip them. You can just make a folder called like ROMS, or whatever you want and download all the games to their. Then open visual boy and go to File->Open then get to your “ROMs” folder and just run the games like that. It works perfectly.

  • a seen Boy enhance is a Gameboy enhance emulator for workstation. It performs digital copies of GBA video games extensive-unfold as ROMs. The emulator is unfastened to download and use, even nonetheless that’s against the regulation to apply ROMs do you ought to don’t have a actual duplicate of the sport. So generally, you elect the sport to confirm that it to be criminal to have the ROMs. it somewhat is in maximum cases via what ROMs are for. ROMs are for a backup duplicate of the sport.

  • I have the VisualBoy Advance and it works fine. I could send you all the program files that I have on mine if you want. Other ones released now a days may have viruses, but it is doubtful. I can just zip it up and email it to you. (No I am not a loser who wants to give you a virus just want to be helpful)

    Source(s): I own VisualBoy Advance
  • Yeah, it’s the best Gameboy Advance emulator I’ve played. Just make sure you download it from the official website.

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