Is there a differance between ahi, and mahi-mahi?

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I’m not sure if their the same.

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  • Ahi is tuna used for sushi.

    Mahi Mahi is not a type of tuna. It is an entirely different kind of fish, also known as Dolphin Fish (not the mammal) or Dorado.

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    Is there a differance between ahi, and mahi-mahi?

    I’m not sure if their the same.

  • Ahi is sushi grade tuna, often eaten raw. Mahi Mahi is from a fish called a dolphin ( not the mammal, though).

  • Ahi is Tuna

    Mahi Mahi is dolpin fish

  • They are completely different fish. Mahi mahi is dolphin (not the mammal) and is sought after in sport fishing ecause they can grow to large sizes. Tilapia is usually smaller. I think tilapia must be a cheaper and more abundant fish. It seems like it is the ew catfish. Every ostenario is selling talpia as their standard fih instead of catfish. Mahi mahi is going to be a little pricy but is considered a better fish. Personally, I like the tilapia better. If you are baking it, add a little butter, greek seaoning and top with lemon. Voila!

  • Ahi is tuna Mahi Mahi is Dolphin (not flipper) ,fish.

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    Mahi Mahi is a Hawaiian form of tuna. The meat is dense, like tuna. Tilapia is a freshwater, boneless filet that is much more tender, with a very mild flavor.

  • I think ahi is tuna, mahi mahi is def not tuna… i guess they’re different

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