Is there a sauce that you would love to get lost in?

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6 Answers

  •  a good medium spicy sauce, with a touch of asian essence.  

  • Salsa  and more salsa

  • Pizza Pizzas creamy garlic sauce. If I could I would drink it, but it’s too thick to do that. 

  • Yes, Bearnaise. 

  • Hmmm… let me think. 

    Your mum’s homemade mayonnaise… the one she uses for other purposes too 😉

    Oh, to be lost in a sea of that sauce. 

    Also, I think that the subway marinara sauce from their ‘meatball marinara’ ‘footlong’ sandwich is delicious, but it would be far too suffocating. 

    Your mother’s mayonnaise is aerated. She whips it. With a whisk. 

    I could get lost in that.

  • No, but there are hundreds I’d like to try out till I finish the bottle.

    Currently, I’m in a non-monogamous relationship with a bottle of BW3 Asian Zing sauce.

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