Is there a type of boot camp for young children, like under 10?

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Honestly it sounds bad, but my 6 1/2 year old daughter is a dare devil, she isn’t scared of anything, she doesn’t mind at all. I’ve tried every form of discipline, corner, time out, light spanking, taking toys away, early bedtime, you name it, One morning she got up when everyone was sleeping, I mean early, pretty much right when the sun came out and just walked out of the house, she’s so sneaky about everything….so anyhow she walked down to my sister’s house which is a few blocks at least and on a busy street, I was so scared when she called and woke me up telling me my daughter was there, I was so thankful that she made it without being kidnapped. so now we have to buy alarms for our doors so it doesn’t happen again. In addition, she just doesn’t listen at all, she’s violent, ADD, everything, I’ve seeked professional help, I really think she needs a good scare…..I’ve had her watch jail shows and cops and stuff, that seems to have the most effect which is why I want a boot camp.

ok I need to add to this b/c I’m sick of people’s answers…..most of them anyways, Stop telling me it’s my fault and making me look like it is abnormal to have a out of control 6 year old, it is VERY common, research it if you seriusly think it isn’t an issue. Obviously I have already evaluated myself and what I’ve done wrong, I’ve tried to change things, and I’ve tried new things, I’ve done everything I can as a mother which is why I’m here getting answers from other moms, I don’t need you telling me I don’t know how to parent my kid, if you don’t want to leave a helpful answer, please dont reply, it’s just downright rude. And about the daycare thing, thanks for the advice, but she is in daycare. Its a great one and she loves it.

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  • Wow i was stunned at how many people have perfect kids out there…

    My daughter is pretty interestingly challenging. This is what works for me and she is now 9.

    I don’t know about you but i can usually tolerate her total defiance is most situations liek chores etc for a pretty long time before i just fell like i am beating a dead horse. To really get her attention i don’t touch a hair on her head. I simply treat her (within reason) the same way she does me. For example she wants me to wash her favrite toy or outfit (even though she has other toys/clothes clean) or she wants to go to a friends house or talk on the phone. Or she will bark an order for something else… I turn around to her and bark orders right back. Usually about a day of this achieves two things. all her chores get done and i get help with mine and she actually listens better becuz by the end of the day she has had to earn every little thing/privilage she needed or wanted. If she wants to use the potty she has to tell me first. She is not allowed out of my site at all. I am not mean i just remind her that i am the mom and she is the child.

    It is hard with a devilish child but when they are taught in school that mom can’t hit me its wrong or mom cant yell at me etc…. when moms also kno that every action we take could look abusive the kids know our hands are tied so you have to make sure that you are not angry when you start.. it is important. I usually send her to her room or bed (even if she screams for what seems like hours) remove her tv/toys and that is where she eats meals the rest of the day and first thing the next morning i address it.

    I know this was long but i also wanted you to know that i am very open with my tactics with my daughters doc.. she was the one that started me out with timing dinner becuz lemme tell ya that was always F-U-N

  • Boot Camp For Kids Under 10

  • I came across your post by searching for a boot camp for young children. I can’t imagine how scared you must have been when you learned your child had left your home and went to your sisters’ house. I haven’t ready anyone’s answers yet, but I’m sorry you have gotten some negative responses. This states you posted 6 years ago, I wonder how things are now. I am a mom of a defiant 7 year old boy with ADHD and Anxiety. I hope you found support and your daughter has overcome the behavioral setbacks she experienced.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Is there a type of boot camp for young children, like under 10?

    Honestly it sounds bad, but my 6 1/2 year old daughter is a dare devil, she isn’t scared of anything, she doesn’t mind at all. I’ve tried every form of discipline, corner, time out, light spanking, taking toys away, early bedtime, you name it, One morning she got up when everyone was…

  • My son will be 7 the end of July. He’s been diagnosed ADHD with bi-polar tendencies (too young to legally diagnosis). I came across your post looking for a bootcamp to send him to. We too have tried spankings, time-outs, talkings, taking things away, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could think of…we’ve tried. He been to ISS and suspended off the bus AGAIN this year. I haven’t found a THING that works for him. I’m wanting to get him help NOW before he ends up in more severe trouble–such as with the law. I’m afraid that’s exactly what’s going to happen if he continues down the path he’s on. People don’t know what it’s like unless they live in your shoes. Don’t be discouraged by their judgments. I’m right there with you but not even I know what you are going through EXACTLY nor do you know what I go through. I really wish people would stop judging others who are seeking HELP!

  • Is it ADD or ADHD? The impulsiveness and daredevil behaviours are known symptoms of ADHD, so while it must be extremely frustrating, it is not really something that she is doing in spite of your attempts to change her behaviour. If you don’t already have one, an early interventionist, teacher’s aide, or even a teacher can be a great resource. They can help you design and implement programs to improve good behaviour and discourage undesirable behaviour. I am currently taking the human services program in college (which will qualify me to be an interventionist or teacher’s aide, among other things), so I have some knowledge about these things. I also have ADD myself, and honestly, it will get better! Around puberty I changed dramatically, school came easier and my symptoms became almost non-existent. I would suggest that you look for resources in your community, and try to find someone she really clicks with. If you want to “scare her straight”, maybe finding a large male worker would work (hopefully one who is more like an overgrown teddy bear personality wise). I don’t know that boot camp would work, but it may be worthwhile to look into. I know from what my parents have told me that it is frustrating to no end to have a child with ADD. My mom told me that when she used to sit me down to do homework she would be brought to tears from the difficulty of getting me to on/finish homework. It is a very difficult thing to have a child who has a disability, and takes a enormous amount of patience. Hopefully you find something that will help, hang in there!

  • Don’t feel bad I have a 5 year old the talked back won’t listen and bursts into tears when u try and talk to her. She has gotten such a mouth and attitude on her I wish there was some way to fix it with out boot camp

  • Im in the same boat. Only its not my child, its my boyfriends 7 year old son. He as been suspended from 2 schools in less then 2 months. The school he is in now are trained to handle kids that have issues, but for the last 3 days he has been sent home from school cause he is “too dangerous” He is biting, hitting, kicking, cusing, calling names, head butting the teacher, punching other kids in face ect.. We have tried everything. Nothing is working. He lives with his dad now cause his mom was never home and couldnt handle it. He has an older brother 9 and a little brother 5, they are nothing like him and act well behaived for the most part. We have been taking him to a thearpist but thats not helping what so ever. He gets “set off” very easy. He can be very happy and polite one min, then all of a sudden its like a bomb goes off and hes cussing and causing a seen. We cant take him in public any more cause if he sees something he wants and cant have it he will start throwing a fit yelling, kicking cussing at his dad, trying to hit his dad and it is very imbarising. I have 2 kids of my own 3 year old boy and 5 year old daughter and they are well behaived, but i worry that if boyfriends son keeps up that this might influence my kids.. My 3 year old is already starting to try and act out when boyfrinds son is around. My boyfriends mom thinks that the 7 year old may have bi polar, so hopefully we can get him into someone who can diagnose mental illnesses. Have you thought about something like BI POLAR? Its tough to accept that their might be something mentally worng with our children, but its not our faults as parents. I know what your going threw! Dont listen to ppl who think its your parenting cause its not! like i said my bf and I have a totall of 5 kids and only 1 acts like this, if it was the way we parent our kids they would all be like that.! I hope this helps you a little, I know its not the perfect answer, but hopefully you can have some peace of mind knowing that your not alone out there and its Deffinitly NOT the way you are parenting!

  • don’t send her just yet! I was like that as a kid also! Do what my mother did( and still does to a 25 year old!) If she is bad take something away that is valued to her. TIME-OUTS DON’T WORK!!!!!!!! Also let her watch videos about girls that do this stuff. Also what is a very good way (some people might not agree with this) SLAP HER!!!!!!!!(not hard but enough to sting) Trust me she will cool down real fast. Also another thing is go to Ur religious center (like church and have her talk to a pr east there) -that will most likely make a BIG impact on her the most.

    -wish you all the luck


  • I would like to see if there was any answers to the boot camp question. I don’t believe she asked you how to parent her child. My son is 7 has severe issues and i am looking for a camp to send him to.

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