Is there a way to hack Yahoo Fantasy Football and Change Who is Starting After Gametime?

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  • Only the Commish has the power to do so…he can edit rosters at any given time during the season…but if u are not the commish then there is no possible way unless u bribe him…lol…

  • There’s lots to love about Yahoo! fantasy sports altogether, but the best sport to play on the site is easily Fantasy Football. In fact, I’ve written numerous essays for high school and college that focus on one thing in particular: “which site gives the best fantasy sports experience?” The answer? Yahoo! It is clearly the best out there when it comes to simplicity and fun. It happens to be the first site I ever played fantasy sports on, and I use it on a daily basis for Baseball and Hockey as well. I couldn’t ask for a better fantasy sports experience. All of the new features that come out every year are genuinely helpful and useful. Not to mention the fact that the draft room is the best around. It’s not too fancy, and it’s just fancy enough for a perfect drafting experience. Keep up the great work! As mentioned by one of the other users, the one complaint I have is that the league message board needs to be improved. There needs to be a live chat or something. That’s the only thing I have found to be a disadvantage of using Yahoo! over the other two sites that I use which pale in comparison in every other aspect: Espn and CBS. Once again, keep up the great work. I’ve never met anyone that disliked Yahoo! As a fantasy site, so you’re obviously doing something right.

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  • How To Hack Fantasy Football

  • you can if your the comishiner

    If you are then go to league commish changes then go to edit roster and got to your team week w/e week it is that you want to change

    and play anyone that you want even if they have already changed (i must warn you it’s traceabale)

    P.S. I have never done this

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  • Your best bet is to get to your commish’s computer. Surely his password is cached

  • only if you are the commish in your league… but there is not a way for you to cheat in your league

  • sorry i wish i knew though

  • nope, sorry

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