Is there a way to reattach a tag to a jacket that I want to return?

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Okay so my friend went to pac sun and bought me this jacket that another girl I know has. I don’t really want it… She’s my friend so I don’t really want to like copy her or anything. I had pulled the tag off and wore it and she got kind of annoyed. I know I would be too. So I decided I wanted to return it. I kept the tag… I just need to know if there’s a way to reattach it. I finally get a chance to go to the mall this weekend and I won’t get to go again for a long time. So I just need a way to put the tag back on so I’ll be able to know for sure that I can return it without having to make another trip… Any ideas?

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3 Answers

  • Well if you have the clear peice of plastice that holds the tag to the peice of clothing you can take a match or lighter or something like that and take both ends and melt them and then really quickly put them together and mash them together with your fingers. It really does work. you might have to take a sewing needle and poke a tiny whole through some part of the jacket. It wont hurt it or better yet the tag on the jacket is probably where it was. Hope it works.

  • If it was attached using one of those plastic swing tags you need a special gun-type thing to put them back on. If you know someone else who works in a clothing store that’s the best way to do it. Otherwise you could always tell them your mum bought it and took the tag off because it was a gift…

  • i work at pac sun, don’t worry about re attaching it, just as long as you have it and the receipt your good. if you don’t have the receipt you can only exchange it for something else

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