Is there a word for “a period of 50 years”?

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Like, a period of 100 years is called a century and a period of 10 years is called a decade. Does a period of 50 years have a specific name or is it just referred to as “a half of a century”?

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  • Actually, semicentennial would be an anniversary. A Jubilee Year is only the fiftieth year. A semicentury is the period of fifty years of time.

    And Ashley, I am one who would know. That means I’m knowledgeable, weird, or both. Proud of it, too.

  • What Is 50 Years

  • 5 decades?

  • Semicentennial. Good word to know!

  • The Bible calls it a Jubilee year.

  • The common term is a half century.

  • or halfacentury for one word…

    oh the person above is just a know-it-all. seriously, how many people would know what that word meant if you said it?

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