Is there a word for someone who never finishes what they start?

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8 Answers

  • defeatist

    One entry found.

    Main Entry:de·feat·ism

    Pronunciation:di-ˈfē-ˌti-zəm, dē-



    : an attitude of accepting, expecting, or being resigned to defeat

    — de·feat·ist -tist noun or adjective

    Source(s): Me! & Webster
  • Professor Calamitous from Jimmy Newtron! Or procrastinator, impatient, someone who loses interest, or uncommitted.

  • Procrastinator

  • Quitter

    Drop out

    Bipolar (a symptom of being bipolar is often the lack of being able to carry anything through to its conclusion)

  • Quitter.

  • procastinator means puts stuff off……. quitter means never finishes

  • uncommitted?

  • me!

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