Is there any way to reopen a saved file in fruity loops without registering (buying) the program?

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I made a sick beat but I cant reopen it without paying for the program and I’m cheap and dont want to do that. Any suggestions?

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  • This is a demo restriction, so you’ll have to purchase a license to do this. Another way to circumvent this is to export your beat to wav or mp3 before quitting the program, then when you open FL Studio again you can use the sample again to get started. Of course you won’t have the full features to edit the beat with piano roll etc, but maybe it works for you. I also suggest getting a license of Fl Studio if you’re serious about this program, it’s well worth it. I’ve been using the Producer Edition for years now and I still use it today. Get it with 10% from my promo link:…

    It is well worth it. You’ll get Free lifetime updates included. Meaning once FL Studio 10, 11, 12, ect.. are released, you will get them for FREE. (the edition you purchase. For example, you buy Producer 9, you’ll get Producer 10, 11, ect… for free).

    Here is a comparison:….

    There are a few different editions, hopefully you can find one within your budget. Just be sure features you want are available for that edition. Audio recording is a big one, and that is only in the Producer and Signature Bundle)

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