Is there anyway to truly make money online?

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Okay guys; I have literally been searching online for so long! I have found so many “online opportunities”. They either want payment, surveys, etc. Is there any real (legit) online ways to make money; preferably without doing surveys?

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  • Yeah, like you can do some surveys to earn some money, there’s also always Ebay and stuff for if you want to sell some of your things.

  • Sweatcoin

  • the earnings are gradual but you can do stuff other than surveys like watching TV, playing games, searching, etc.

  • What kind of money? There’s EBay, and Amazon for selling legal stuff. You could make an account on Etrade or similar sites and try the stock market. You could find a Bitcoin miner and sell those. If you can get illegal stuff try the silk road (ONLY for computer experts with great firewalls on burner PCs with proxies).

    Then there’s the gaming scene. Plenty of sites like EBay will let you sell in game items, post the item, trade account usernames with the buyer and make a code phrase, trade for “free” in game while money swaps on EBay. Unless it’s like Entropia where you can enter a PayPal and do it all in game.

  • You can go on Amazon’s MTurk page. Basically where you do small online tasks such as give a review for a product and amazon pays you. The pay is usually very low (in the cents) but the jobs are pretty fast and easy. If you do enough of them, the money will start to add up.

  • there are some companies where you can work from home. some are online via a company, others are just remote based jobs, usually sales. look on sites like Indeed and search for Remote jobs. some may need college degrees, others just experience, there maybe some entry level, but you gotta look. then apply.

  • Yeah but it’s very hard. You can make on YouTube but you will need a huge amount of subscribers. There are surveys websites but that is boring and won’t make you enough money.

  • Do you have any marketable skills that you can leverage for income? That’s what most people who perform online work have: skills in certain areas where they can freelance. I take on the occasional freelance software development job when something looks interesting or is paying a stupidly high amount for a simple set of tasks. But it’s basically remote contract work at that point which is legitimate employment.

  • You earn money very slowly mainly by doing surveys. If you grind out surveys for your whole day you might be able to earn $25 max. If you truly want to make money, get a job. Just don’t bother with these surveys, they’re wasting your time

  • If you get an online job, yes, you can make money online

    However, most of the legit online jobs required specialized skills: like computer programming, web page development, and so on and possibly a college degree.

    You could also try selling items on eBay or Amazon, but you probably won’t be making much money off of that.

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