Is there real proof of Heaven and Hell?

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I as a Christian believe in both. Bible says so. Just want to get other views.

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  • If your asking from the standpoint of faith , then I am going to say yes to both. If your asking from a more philosophical standpoint I am still going to say yes.

    Saint Thomas Aquinas’s tried to unify the very opposite thoughts of reason and faith (faith is by definition, the absence of reason)

    He came up with 5 rational proofs that reasonably justify the existence of God.

    Here is a link for a one page brief introduction to that discussion.–00….

  • Proof Of Heaven And Hell

  • When I believed, I would “read the bible, go to church and follow all the laws”. The only proof there could be is that described by Paul. Paul says that faith is itself proof: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). This seems to be a way to convince people that faith is itself proof of what they believe in. But for those who don’t believe blindly – which is what faith means – it isn’t proof at all. Your hypothesis is so unlikely that it can safely be ignored. I was religious from childhood, and have always been interested in religions, mythology and science; I was a devout, practising Catholic; I read the Bible, both Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha, several times; and was taught about it in school. After studying and thinking deeply about faith, I realised in mid-teenage that faith was based upon nothing but itself, that science explained nature satisfactorily without needing supernatural beings, and that religious beliefs were no different to those of ancient beliefs in gods and goddesses. When I first had doubts about my faith I thought that maybe this was a test of it, which was an idea planted in my mind by those teaching us about our faith. So I made the effort to accept it even more so. But the doubts came again, and I wondered what would happen if we took faith out of the equation; the world and nature still made sense, so I saw no reason to get back into it. And my understanding is that there’s no theoretical or mathematical need for a god or gods, and there’s no valid evidence of it or them; so there’s no reason to believe. At the time this was difficult intellectually and emotionally (I was a teenager, after all). That was over 45 years ago, and my escape from faith has freed me to embrace what science has to offer, which I consider far more plausible than belief in the supernatural, and is the nearest we can get to the truth about how nature and the universe work. I’ve felt a sense of freedom ever since, and am happy and at peace with this. And I’ve found the humility to admit that I don’t know everything, rather than masking this by invoking a deity. I still have an interest in religions, mythology, folklore and related matters, and am fascinated that people still believe in things that to me are clearly just not true.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Is there real proof of Heaven and Hell?

    I as a Christian believe in both. Bible says so. Just want to get other views.

  • Yes and no!

    Yes from a spiritual point of view, no from the physical point of view.

    Spiritually speaking, both are spiritual realms, they do have physical evidence, but if you do not believe, you will not admit that it is proof.

    The Holy Bible- Genesis you have written proof of Gods Word speaking about heavens, scientist have proof of galaxies beyond our galaxy. Not just our sun and planets and stars, in 2 Cor. 12:2, paul was speaking of a third heaven(the sky, the planets, Gods stepping stone). Hell is mentioned in Matthew, by Jesus, again written proof, but if you don’t believe in Gods Word,

    Then no their is no proof of neither.

    If you do not have the Spirit-ual Tool, you will not have the Wisdom to see the answers.

  • Hi

    My personal belief is that the bible is not proof that heaven or hell exist at all.The way I see it is: The bible is thousands of years old. How can anyone possibly know who wrote the bible?How can anyone possibly know if there are not many things that were changed in the bible along the way?How would you know if the bible was not written by some government(s) that just wanted to make it easier to control the people that way-and thus for example set up the 10 commandments, just so that it would be possible to even live in peace?(Perhaps back then there was no police and law as we have it now)People also need to believe in justice, and life after death so that they can tolerate poverty and injustice sometimes. Nobody even knows who or what God actually is.Nobody has seen him,or seen him WRITE the bible.I think that there is no such thing as a ” just” God.(The bible says he is a “just” God) I also question why woman are made out to be lesser than men, and having to obey them?Is this not so?Is this justice by a just God perhaps?Was it perhaps men that wrote the bible for their own benefits?Do you see much justice happening in the world around you In GENERAL?

    I believe that one should not just blindly exept but really ask very valid questions.Personally I also feel that one should not be indoctrinated by ones upbringing,but really just think for yourself.

    It took me long to come to that realisation and acceptance that God could be invented-because of my upbringing, and because its very scary to accept there could be no life after death!

    Doesnt mean at all that all of us non-believers are not law-abinding citizens.Many religious people have this very false perception, and I feel I need to mention this!!

  • Heaven and hell are the phenomena of a spiritual world where people get after death. Now here we belong to the material world and we can’t percept spiritual things as facts and find proof for them. But saints really feel Heaven in their hearts and I think Nazi also felt real hell in theirs while torturing and murdering millions of people.

  • First you must prove that there is a God, and that can only be done for a marginally majority of people. After that it becomes easier, but still difficult. I believe in them both and how I would go about proving them to you in the smallest nutshell I can concieve is like this… The degree of order in the known laws of the universe require a degree of cooperation that could only allow for either the existence of One Almighty God, or no god at all. I believe there is a God because of my own personal experiences, but I cannot prove to you that there is one. So if there is only One God, then naturally one of the Abrahamic religions is the most likely candidate for understanding reality. I find Christianity to be the answer because it holds that Christ fullfilled the prophecies for the Jewish Messiah and I agree with that. I reject Islam because it doesn’t solve the problem of death for sin as proposed in the former two and it also goes against prophecies of the former two…. But this deliberation doesn’t matter in your case because most sects of all three beleive in the two places you want proof of.

  • There is a real heaven and real hell.

    People have been there and back

    In heaven we will be reunited with our dead Christian family and friends, and we will praise God for all eternity. (some people say this sounds boring, but if you have ever really praised Him with all your heart you know the joy involved in the praise we will experience.) It will also be a place of unmatched beauty.

    Hell will be a place of torment. The separation and utter loneliness we will experience will be enough to make you want to commit suicide, but you’re already dead. There will be demons as strong as a thousand men that will beat you mercilessly, it will smell of sulfur. You will always be completely dehydrated, and drained of energy. You will be ɴᴀκᴇᴅ. The flames will devour your body, but you won’t die. Some people that had more sin will have their own pit of loneliness.

    Needless to say, don’t get caught in the latter.

    Source(s): 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper
    23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese
  • God gave the last apostle John some

    visions of Heaven where his Sovereign lies.

    The Bible always speak about Heaven

    and the limited number of people who

    will go there.

    However, There’s no proof that Hell exist.

    Hell is actually from a pagan belief that

    is applied by the religious leaders who added

    things such as culture and tradition to what

    the Bible really teach!

  • You know, there is no physical proof. However; God is not a physical being, therefore physical data may not be available because God is above us. You have to realize, God can do things as he chooses. The proof is in nature and the make of things. If you disassemble matter down to the subatomic level, and then zoom out to the eye-sight level, you will notice that everything seems to have an architectural design to it. Everything seems to have a set mechanical paramater that keeps things in motion. I have this personal theory that the universe is made up just like atoms. You have entities circling entities that seem to keep each other in a gravitational relationship with one another. This leads me to believe that it has all been designed. There is one final thought to sum this up shortly, and that is the word I just used; believe. What I believe may or may not be true, but I would rather die wrong believing yes, than to die wrong believing no and the truth being yes, because there is a place in my belief for non-believers. And that would be eternal punishment, fire, HELL!!! I believe Jesus died for my sins and that is my opinion. I openly welcome those who will criticize my comments. The world is full of things that say it is fake, but remember “Narrow is the path that leads to righteousness, FEW will enter it. WIDE is the path that leads to DESTRUCTION, MANY will enter it!” I believe those words literally FEW and MANY! God BLESS YOU and please keep believing!

    Eric Faucett – ALL OVER GOOGLE!

    Source(s): My personal faith in Christ

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