Is there such a thing as a online CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet)?

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If so what is the website address?

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  • Well, there’s something like it.. There is no CCO online but there is a make-up site I go to that is basically the same thing -lots of name brand and discontinued make-up for cheap. You may have heard of it..

    It has the same concept as CCO. Tons of make-up at a cheaper than retail price. For instance, MAC Dazzleglasses are only around $13 on this website instead of going to the MAC store and paying $18. Everything is real and legit. The only thing I don’t like is the shipping charges. I paid $13 for shipping when it really only cost them $5 to flat rate ship it to me. Shipping’s a rip off but you’ll get a deal on the products. The new Smashbox Monarch Palette from the new “Reign” collection is only $16.99 here whereas Sephora is selling it for $42. Definitely check this site out. Also, they have lots of sales so just wait and you can buy make-up for even cheaper when they have promos going on. Last week, they had 10% off all MAC glosses. Just wait for the sales..

  • Cosmetic Company Outlet Online

  • Makeup Outlet Online

  • No, there isn’t. Since CCO is like a Marshalls, HomeGoods, or TJ Maxx (Stores that are different every time you go there), they can’t possibly keep up with the product change online!

  • Nope. Outlets never have websites.

  • unfortunately not 🙁

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