is there such thing as a yorkshire dane (yorkie great dane mix)?

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someone said it was a breed but i dont believe them i just wanted to see what u said

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  • Never.

    There will never be a yorkie dane.

    Danes are way too big to mate with a yorkshire.

    Think about it; it’s like an elephant ṃѧṭıṅɢ with a mouse.

  • Yorkie Great Dane Mix

  • Well, a Male Yorkie and a female Great Dane could mate but I’m sure they would need a lot of help so it most likely will never happen. because it would have to be done by a vet and a vet wouldn’t do it because it wouldn’t be a healthy breeding. I mean, their could be a possibility that it would come out looking really deformed because of the size difference.

  • I think it would be impossible for a female yorkie to carrie the mix of a great dane baby in its womb because its too small of animal. if the dane was a female is the only way they would be able to have a mix and it would have to be artificially done by humans because there is no way those 2 animals of different sizes could mate without harming the yorkie whether it male or female.

  • It is possible with a female dane and a male pom, but if it was tried the other way around, the pregnancy would kill the dog because the pups would be too large for her to carry. This is a true story, I had a male Chihuahua that bred a german shepherd. It wasn’t planned, it just happened when the male was about 6 months old.

  • no! not unless it was a male yorkie and a female dane. you would have to artificially inseminate the dane with the yorkies ꜱρєɾɱ. If you did a female yorkie, it would kill her and the puppies. But, no, there is NO way to naturally have a yorkie dane mix. Plus, that would be the UGLIEST dog… that would be bad.

  • Although it is not entirely impossible if the dam/ was the great dane and the yorkshire was the sire.. I think it would be a awful mixture of dogs. So if you have these two dogs please have the spayed and neutered so as not to tempt fate and allow it to happen.If it was the other around it will surely kill the Yorkie to have pups to a dane,

  • I have never seen 1 but i wouldnt put it past some people . i do think that it would have to be a dane and yorkie male as think it may kill if other way around.. i have known breeders to hold thier dogs while they mate if they are a bit 2 small x

  • I’m sure creating the breed is possible, but er.. Wouldn’t recommend it. XD Just think of it, giant smooth coated Yorkie babies with long muzzles, or miniature Great Danes.

  • Every mix is conceivably possible

    ETA: Its not a breed its a MUTT.

    For those saying its not possible without AI or otherwise. Who said the female would be the Yorkie? Larger females can and have laid down to be bred by smaller males. I’ve seen it happen.

  • i doubt anyone been has stupid enough to create it, but it is possible

    @ Smartie, it is possible if the Yorkie is the male, and the Dane is the female

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