is this a spoof or a real martial arts tequnique that the Green Berets use.?

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So this is called ETADIK but it’s said as (eat-a-Ԁıc̫ҡ) LOL and was wandering if that is a real thing that they use or if it is a spoof. If it is real then what are the acronyms of it. And why is it called that way?

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  • Go tell the BMs you need a Boatswain’s punch and fetch the mail buoy you’re there, idiot.

  • Yes it is a spoof. It is actually a reference to retired LTC David Schoer, a transvestite and a former Battalion Commander in the 3rd Special Forces Group.

    The video that was linked was footage shot around May 2005 in the 18Bravo Special Forces Weapon Sergeants Course. At the time most of the Cadre for the course were former 3rd Group guys and the video was put together by a National Guardsman who was attending the foreign light weapons portion of the course to prep for a deployment to Iraq as part of a MiTT team. His civilian job was editing footage for a local TV News Station….hence the video and the 3rd Group cadre tossed in ETADIK to “honor” their former Commander who “was probaly the first Green Beret to ETADIK”.

    Source(s): was there when the video was filmed
  • It is a spoof

    Now run along and ETADIK

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