Is Trover Consulting Firm a legit law firm or is it a scam?

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So I got a call today regarding a student loan that I didn’t pay off a long time ago with Citibank from University of Phoenix when I was attending the school. They say that I will get sued if I don’t settle and was wondering how authentic is this supposed law firm. How can I find out the history of this company since I can’t seem to find out anything online.

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  • Law firms don ‘t call themselves “…Consulting…” firms. They are LAW firms. You were sent to collections. That often precedes a lawsuit. If they cannot manage to collect the debt from you, then they will add their fees to the debt and then you will be contacted by a law firm, when they serve you with a lawsuit. Every day that goes by until you pay will cost you more money and court judgments accrue pretty much 10 percent interest universally.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years’ experience.
  • They are a scam. Tried to “sue” me for a debt I didn’t pay according to them, however, the original creditor sent me a letter stating that the balance was in fact paid in full by me two years ago. They would not call you, rather, send a letter certified mail. This scam company went as far as contacting my employer asking for my personal information. Don’t let them fool you. I hope this worked out for you.

  • They have called me today at my WORK and they have sent a verification of employment. I asked them to stop contacting me at work, and they continued. BY LAW if you ask them to stop contacting you at work they must. The phone number at the bottom of the verification of employment was NOT THE SAME as the website. Please be careful…..

  • be careful because i didn’t think one company was real so i told them to screw off and they ended up taking me to court and i learned the hard way

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