Is “what’s wrong with my” a real website? Or is it only a made up website in Drake and Josh?

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Well, ” What’s wrong with my is not a real website. If you search it up, it will lead you to Icarly because Megan is Carly and she used to be in Drake and Josh.

4 Answers

  • Of course its not real… that would be copyright.

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    “A recent Nickelodeon Press Realease said that Drake and Josh will still have more seasons ahead, even though rumors have been on the internet about the cancellation of the show, and Miranda Cosgrove working on her own show, iCarly.” Hope that helps.

  • I would think drake and josh would have more new episodes…i love that show! Just cuz a actress/actor goes to a different show doesnt mean she can’t do 2 shows

  • What Wrong With My Body

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