Is Yahoo! Answers basically dead?

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34 Answers

  • it seems that way, but I’ve got a Quora for back up

  • Not dead per se, but losing viewers.

  • No but it’s quality has gone down. From my experience there’s too many people not actually answering questions and writing vhsdihvj or K to get those shiny 2 points. We need some standards against stuff like this. We need people to create profiles, and not just be anonymous users.

  • not at all

  • Not as popular but not dead

  • I still visit.

  • Basically dead.

  • Sure, I’m just visiting it’s grave to pay my respects.

  • It’s on life support

  • Very much so.

    When I first started ten years ago their was a lot of Yahoo users and there was constantly questions for people to answer.There would also be a ton of answers. Now there is hardly any answers for peoples questions.Or even questions in general.

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