It is permissible to eat while preparing and cooking in the kitchen?

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  • If you are working in a kitchen thats any good then you will be flat out for 12 hours plus so the only way for chefs to eat is on the run or you don’t eat. They don’t get lunch hours or even 5 minutes to sit down and eat. You scoff a sandwich down while reading over your prep list and before allocating tasks to everyone.

    Apart from that, nothing should be prepared without being tasted first.

    Source(s): Ex professional chef
  • Despite the fact that all of the alcohol would possibly not prepare dinner off, most of it will. It’s nonetheless no longer that much and will not be a obstacle in any respect. Plus the beer is for flavor anyway, so if you’re really overcautious, use a non alcoholic beer.

  • They say to never trust a skinny cook. It’s definitely permissible and adviseable to eat some while cooking. Gotta make sure it’s yummy!

  • If you are bringing your hands to your mouth and touching your mouth with your fingers while handling raw foods – no, it’s not a good idea because you will spread germs. If you wash your hands every time you bring something to your mouth, then it’s OK. If you are using a spoon or fork (one time per utensil) for the purpose of tasting to see if it needs anything, that is OK. If you have a meal out there while preparing food and then have another meal when it’s ready – not a good idea.

    Hope that helps.

  • If you mean is it acceptable to eat while cooking for guests, then I wouldn’t say it’s the best idea. If you’re on your own though, go ahead!

  • If you are tasting your cooking for seasonings, flavour etc., perfectly acceptable so long as you never double dip with your spoon or fork.

  • If it is for you and your family it is ok to eat as you cook.

    For guest, no. But you can test.

  • I don’t know in what context you are meaning so here’s my slant on things

    Oh my deary it is imperative, how else will you know how the meal tastes.

  • I do all the time, how else are we to know if the food needs anything or if it taste good or not?..Chefs do it all the time…=)

  • If you live by yourself it is!! I do it, and sometimes give some to the dog too!!!

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