I’ve been a foreign in Germany for 3 years now. I want to get back home.?

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My story is long. My sister married someone from here and moved here permanently. I’m originally from Canada. Our mother is very abusive so I ended up getting kicked out and I was homeless for 2 weeks until my sister called me up and paid for my flight to come stay with her. I was young and dumb so I didn’t think of trying for myself. I was 21 at the time and I just got on the plane and came to stay with my sister and her husband. I ended up staying far too long. Even my sister wasn’t expecting this. They have a newborn baby and I occupy the babies room and I can tell they’re annoyed of me. I really want to head back home but I fear the trouble I’m going to be in. I literally left and stayed here for 3 entire years. My passport has been expired for 2 years now. How do I get back to Canada? I want to start living my life and depend on myself. I have a plan to go stay in a woman’s shelter and get a job. With this covid  stuff, it’s gonna be hard but I can’t stay here anymore. Things have been tense and I want to leave this family alone and move on. What do I do? I have my expired Canadian passport and all my Canadian identification. I have no money and my sister will not be paying because she’s a new mom and won’t be able to afford my flight. I’m 24 now and I don’t know what to do.

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  • Forget about all the maybes. Gather all the Canadian documents that you have and that expired passport and go to the Canadian Embassy, but if that is very far from where you are now, then go to the nearest Canadian Consulate.  Be frank and to the point; just ask them for help to leave Germany to return to Canada. Ask them to provide you with a new passport or a certificate certifying that you have a Canadian citizenship so you can travel back to Canada. Be sure to explain that you can pay for any documentation and plane fare after you return to Canada. When you are back in Canada, try to borrow money from someone you know or a family member and pay what you owe to Canadian Gov.  Then quickly get a job, any job so you can have your own place to stay, then start looking for better employment.

  • I would go to the Canadian embassy and pray that the would be kind, after all yor are 24 now and have been in Germany 3 years, so you were 20 when this all started – that is not being a kid trying to get away from home.

  • Speak to the Canadian Embassy to arrange a passport or travel papers, and a repatriation loan.

    I imagine you’re not legally in Germany, so that may become an issue. 

  • You need to renew your passport as you are flying no where without it, you need to find the money to get a flight and go home……..  you are illegal and your sister/husband are harbouring an illegal so they can be in serious legal trouble, if you don’t go  you will be arrested, held and deported.

  • You’ll need to contact a Canadian Consulate in Germany to get emergency travel documents and a repatriation loan. You’re of course in violation of German immigration law at the moment and are deportable, so I’d do this sooner rather than later. Also know you’ll likely to banned from Germany. 

  • Apparently you’re still dumb. 

    Ever heard of an embassy? You go to them and they will fix the passport issue and loan you the money back home. I’m sure you’ll be in some sort of trouble but I don’t think it will be anything severe. Don’t do dumb crap like that again. For now, call the Canadian embassy near you and go to them. Things will be ok eventually. You decided to go to your sister and freeload so now you have to deal with being homeless again when you could’ve had your own place by now. Good luck

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