jamba juice font name.?

whats the jamba juice font name?

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  • Pretty much since you posted this question, I’ve been searching online. My guess is that it’s a custom font. You can call the company at their headquarters in California at the link below and see if you can find out. That’d be your best bet to find out exactly what was used. It’s after hours now, as you can see by the time this was answered, so I didn’t have that option available at the time.

    First I googled “Jamba Juice Font” and came up with nothing useful. Next I searched for the font.

    To find a similar font, I found a picture online of a Jamba Juice store front, then used photoshop to get a nice looking black and white version of just the font, then uploaded it to the What the Font website (link below), and got some font suggestions. None of them were exactly it, so I plugged the best looking names into Identifont’s “Fonts by Similarity” and looked through those suggestions, then took the best of those and replugged them into the same thing. Still not finding the exact font, I then went through Identifont’s “Fonts by Appearance” and used the “Restricted set of letters” option to type in “Jamba Juice” and “amba uice” since I wasn’t sure if the J was really a capital letter or not. You simply answer picky questions about the way letters look when using this feature. All of the above things gave me some similar fonts, but not the one that Jamba Juice uses. Again, my guess is that it’s custom for the company.

    So after all that effort, these are the closest fonts I could find, in no particular order:

    Parkway Motel

    Parkway Hotel

    ITC Deli Supreme

    Linotype Atomatic


    Fuel Script

    Lakeshore Drive NF

    Uppen Arms


    I hope you find one you like and have found this to be informative and useful.

    Source(s): Jamba Juice contact info: http://www.jambajuice.com/#/contact_us/

    What the Font website: http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/

    Find fonts by using the name of a similar looking font: http://www.identifont.com/similar.html

    Find fonts by Appearance:

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    jamba juice font name.?

    whats the jamba juice font name?

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