japanese translation?

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what does “non deska” mean?

in the movie “the replacements” with keanu reeves a japanese football player yells it out loud when he sits on a guy in a bar fight.

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  • It’s nan desu ka, not “non deska” and it means “What is it?” or “What the–?”

  • “non deska” in english means “what it is”

    (My girlfriend is Japanese)

  • des with a ka on the end means its a question about himself or another person but i dont know the non bit

  • oh you mean “nandesuka?” (何ですか?) it means “WHAT!?”. I wrote it like that cuz you told me that the football player was screaming it.

    good luck.

  • As Belie say, it should be “Nan desuka?,” not “Non desuka?”

    This means “What is it?”

    If your computer supports Japanese, “Nan desuka?” is “何 (nan) ですか?”

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    Source(s): Native Japanese who is currently studying in Oregon

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