Japanese vampire names?

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I am writing stories of vampires and drawing pictures of them. I want names that make the characters sound good looking but also have a dark sound to it.

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  • Try Latin names — Google it.

    Usually, Latin names make the character sound more awesome <personal opinion speaking that is 8D lol>

    I say, try NOT to use already used Vampire names…like Edward Cullen or Alucard or Kirishiki…though I personally like the name Alucard because spelled backwards its “Dracula” 8D but that is already a copyright and taken by the anime Hellsing…8D

    You COULD name one of your characters “Dante” — meaning Lasting in Latin…but then…its like you’re referring to Devil May Cry 8D

    mmmm — name one of your characters “Kyrie”. In Latin it means “The Lord”.

    Or “Lucius” meaning “Bringer of Light”. A contradiction of his vampire state 8D

    Oh, “Nero” meaning “Powerful” is good too 8D Just like the character from the NDS game “The World Ends with You”.

    teehee all Latin names rofl Sounds good to me 8D

    Good luck!

  • Japanese Vampire Names

  • Um Luna is not English… Do you honestly believe that if vampires existed they would have cool “Vampire names?” Wouldn’t they want to blend in with humanity instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. I mean couldn’t they be named Ralph, Eustuss, Eugene, Girtrude, Flo…etc etc. Here is another thing since most supposed vampires would have been created etc etc between 1600 and now wouldn’t almost all males be named Michael and all females Mary…? Just a question to your question. I will play your game and give you one word Watari Garasu= Raven Corvus

  • How about Valbatoze? It’s the name of the main character from Disgaea 4 (he’s a vampire).

  • All the ones from Vampire Knight, Black Blood Brothers, Trinity Blood, Hellsing, Chibi Vampire, Princess Ressurection…

    I don’t know any more anime with vampires in them…

  • Zero

  • Alucard?

  • Cain/Abel/Enma/Alucard/Ciel/Grelle/Sebastian/Alois.

    they may not be vampires, but i personally think they’re “unique”

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