(Japanese) What does “daishobu” mean?

I’m pretty positive that I spelled that wrong, I just wrote it by ear.

Anyways could you tell me the proper spelling and how it translates to English (From Japanese) As any of these or another translation: (rough translation, just from what I’ve heard)

“Are you Okay?

“It will be okay!”

“I’m okay.”

4 Answers

  • It’s spelled “daijoubu” (大丈夫) and does indeed mean “[subject] is okay/fine” or “is [subject] okay/fine?” depending on if it’s a question or statement.

    To make it more polite, add “desu” (です) at the end if it’s a statement (ie I’m okay), or “desu ka?” (ですか) if it’s a question (ie Are you okay?)

    But it’s not needed in an informal setting.

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