keep getting text messages from 9009?

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who is this from i texted back will they sign me up for a monthly subscription?

ATT is my carrier they are for contests that say to text back…i’m afraid if i text back i will be signed up for a 500 monthly subscription like those ringtones.

4 Answers

  • reply with STOP to unsubscribe and if that doesnt work, call up AT&T and they should be able to opt it out for you.

  • text back ” STOP ” to the number. that usually stops those messages from coming. if it doesn’t work, it should tell you and it should also tell you what word to text back to stop it.

    good luck.

  • yes, probably from a ringtone sites. heard of that once. not that sure though.

  • Please revise your question, thank you…..

    Name of your carrier –

    Description of message –

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