Kinetic and Potential Energy Question.?

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K = 1/2mv^2

U = mgh

At what height h above the ground does the projectile have a speed of .5v?

Express your answer in terms of v and the magnitude of the acceleration of gravity g .

3 Answers

  • K = U

    0.5mv^2 = mgh

    0.5v^2 = gh

    h = (0.5v^2)/g

    Since the speed is 0.5 v:

    h = [0.5 (0.5v)^2]/g

    h = (0.125v^2)/g

    h = v^2 / 8g

  • 3v^2/8g

  • gh_2= 1/2(V_1^2-V_2^2)

    h=(V_1^2-V_2^2)/2g= [V_1^2-(0.5V)^2]/2g

    =(V_1^2-0.25V_1^2)/2g = (0.75V_1^2)/2g =3V^2/8g

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